School of Civil Engineering is founded in 1996, formerly known as the Department of Railway Architecture established in 1956. At present, it has set up Department of Bridge Engineering, Department of Tunneling & Underground Engineering, Department of Building Engineering, Department of Geotechnical Engineering, Department of Highway and Railway Engineering, Department of Municipal & Environmental Engineering, Department of Mechanics, Experimental Center and other teaching units. There are 3 first-class academic master, doctorate authorization and corresponding postdoctoral stations, degree authorization of Master of Science in Environmental Science and Engineering, 5 professional master's fields, 3 undergraduate programs. The Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Road and Railway Engineering are subordinate key disciplines of the state, the Civil Engineering is one of the key disciplines in Beijing, the Solid Mechanics is the subordinate key discipline in Beijing. The research areas cover civil engineering, transportation infrastructure, environmental science and engineering, mechanics and other disciplines.


1956 Establishment of Railway Architecture Specialty.

1958 Adding Railway Bridge and Tunnel Specialty.

1962 Railway Construction, Railway Bridges and Tunnels merged into Railway Engineering Specialty.

1986 Access professional doctorate in Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Specialty.

1987 Set up undergraduate major of Industrial and Civil Construction, and establishing the first railway, highway, water transportation post doctoral mobile station in China.

1990 Obtain a doctorate degree in Railway Engineering.

1996 Traffic Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering merged into Civil Engineering Specialty.

1998 Access to first class disciplines for doctoral degree in Transportation Engineering.

1999 Civil Engineering approved by the Professional Education Assessment organized by the ministry of construction, the graduates obtained the qualifications to take part in the national register of structural engineers in advance and their mutual recognition with the commonwealth countries, and passed professional assessment in 2004 and 2009.

2000 Civil Engineering disciplines obtained a doctorate degree authorization.

2003 The undergraduate of environmental engineering was adjusted from the School of Science to the School of Civil Engineering.

2005 Mechanics obtained a doctoral degree class authorization.

2007 Second degree subject Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Road and Railway Engineering were approved as the national key disciplines.

2012 Implement large class enrollment for Civil Engineering Specialty.