On the morning of May 6, 2019, the donation ceremony of Beijing Zhongyan Dadi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Education Fund was held in Room 612, Siyuan Building, Beijing Jiaotong University. Beijing Zhongyan Dadi Company donated RMB 1 million to set up the “Zhongyan Earth Education Fund” in the School of Civil Engineering of our school. Wang Lijian, Chairman of Beijing Zhongyan Dadi Company (academic alumni of the Civil Engineering Institute), Huang Yunpeng, Assistant General Manager, Tong Ximing, Director of R&D, Gao Yan, Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University, Director of the International Liaison and Cooperation Department, and Secretary-General of the Education Foundation Guo Xuemeng Zhang Bo, deputy director of the Office of Foreign Liaison and Cooperation, Deputy Secretary-General of the Education Foundation, Zhang Dingli, Dean of the Civil Engineering Institute, Ma Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and Liu Baoguo, Director of the Department of Geotechnical College, attended the donation ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Guo Xuemeng, Director of the Outreach Department and Secretary General of the Education Foundation.

First of all, Director Guo Xuemeng introduced the guests and welcomed them.

Subsequently, Wang Lijian, the chairman of Beijing Zhongyan Dadi Technology Co., Ltd., gave a speech. He introduced the development of Zhongyan Dadi Company and individuals, thanked his alma mater for his training, and hoped to express three ideas through donation to his alma mater. One of the company's supervision, do a good job; the second is to cooperate with the alma mater to deepen the combination of production, study and research; the third is to use this as an opportunity to promote alumni liaison, actively cooperate with the school work, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

On behalf of the school, Gao Yan expressed his congratulations on the development achievements of Zhongyan Dadi Company in recent years and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Wang Lijian alumni for his contribution to his alma mater. She emphasized that her alma mater has always paid close attention to the development of alumni and alumni companies. The achievements of Zhongyan Land in geotechnical engineering, environmental restoration, urban underground space development and utilization are both the glory of the alumni and the glory of the alma mater. She said that the school will give full play to the talent and intellectual advantages, strengthen communication with alumni, and actively build a platform to help enterprises develop.

At the signing ceremony, Wang Lijian, Chairman of Beijing Zhongyan Dadi Technology Co., Ltd. and Gao Yan, Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University signed the donation agreement. Finally, the leaders of both sides attending the ceremony took a group photo.

Attached: Basic situation of Beijing Zhongyan Dadi Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhongyan Dadi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongyan Land”). Zhongyan Land is a geotechnical technology company with technological innovation as its core competitiveness. The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Yue Ren, Daxin, Innovation and Excellence”, and is committed to the technical research and development and service of the three business segments of geotechnical engineering, environmental restoration, urban underground space development and utilization, and always pursues “harmony with the earth”. "The beautiful vision to promote the coordinated development of the human environment environment and natural environment protection. Zhongyan Dadi edited and edited more than 20 national standards and standards related to the standard. It is a compulsory textbook for the continuing education of the national registered civil engineer (geo soil) organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. “New Progress in Geotechnical Reinforcement and Treatment Engineering Technology” The editor-in-chief of the company, the company has mastered a number of core technologies and has a number of national patents. Zhongyan Land has completed nearly two hundred geotechnical projects, and its business covers more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and has accumulated rich experience in engineering practice.

School of Civil Engineering

May 7, 2019