At 14:30 on March 28, 2019, the Civil Engineering Institute held a 2019 work conference and safety education conference in the Science Hall. All faculty and staff participated.

Secretary of the college party committee, Ma Qiang, informed all faculty and staff about the investigation and accountability of the "12.26" accident, deeply learned the lessons of the accident, seriously reflected on the problems existing in the college, and proposed the college rectification plan. All faculty and staff are required to fully recognize the extreme importance of safety and stability, put safety work at the forefront of all work, always tighten the string of safety, and implement safety responsibilities at all levels to ensure the safety and stability of the college.

Dean Zhang Dingli deployed the key work of the college in 2019. He hoped that all faculty and staff could stick to the bottom line, establish a "red line" consciousness and a sense of rules, and insist on taking the Lideshu people as a fundamental task to deal with the relationship between talent cultivation and scientific research. Dean Zhang emphasized that the faculty and staff of the whole school should learn lessons, invigorate the spirit, regain their confidence and start again, do a good job in the evaluation of the subject in advance, and create a new situation in the construction of the college.

After the conference, fire safety drills were held next to the civil engineering building. The teachers of the security department were invited to explain the use of dry powder fire extinguishers on the spot, organize the faculty and staff to participate in the work, correctly master the skills of using fire-fighting equipment, and further strengthen the fire safety of the staff. awareness.

School of Civil Engineering

March 28, 2019