The autumn wind is cool, and the sky is high. On the afternoon of August 31, 2019, the 2019 freshmen welcome meeting of the Civil Engineering Institute was held in the Tianyou Hall. Dean Zhang Dingli, Dean of the Party Committee of the Academy, Ma Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Sun Huihuan, Vice President Gao Liang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Han Bing, Vice President Yang Na, Vice President Xiang Hongjun And the heads of various departments attended the meeting. 696 civil engineering college 2019 graduates, freshmen counselors, class teachers and class teacher assistants attended the conference. The meeting was presided over by the Director of the School of Education and the Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Mr. He Yongmiao.

Responsible for the country. The first item of the conference, all the chorus of the national anthem. The bright national anthem reflects the feelings of the contemporary college students' homeland and the ambition of serving the country.

Bright hospitality, show style. By watching the college publicity video, the 2019 freshmen have a preliminary understanding of the civil engineering college, and understand the development history, scientific research strength, composition system and development direction of the civil engineering college.

He Zhizhi, far away. Dean Zhang Dingli expressed his welcome and congratulations to all the new students. He also introduced the civil engineering college from the historical development opportunities and challenges of civil engineering, the faculty of the Civil Engineering Institute and the level of running schools, so that the new students can have more confidence in the college. More proud.

The way to teach, increase the knowledge. The teacher's representative, Mr. Cai Guoqing, spoke. He took the example of Mao Yisheng, the old principal, and encouraged all the freshmen: one should temper the morality of the morality, and be a contemporary college student with both morality and ability; second, he must practice hard skills and speak with strength; Chest, how big the heart is, how big the stage is.

Brilliant and illuminating. Zhao Yue, Chairman of the Student Union Branch of the Civil Engineering Institute and a student representative, spoke on behalf of all the students of the School of Civil Engineering. As a senior, he shared with the freshmen the feelings of life in Jiaotong University and reminded all the freshmen that university life is rich and colorful, and it is also necessary to carry forward. It is necessary to take the identity of Jiaotong and civil construction, and inherit the fine traditions to create a brilliant future.

Xiaozhixing, to be successful. The 2019 freshman representative Yao Yao spoke. He expressed his excitement when he first entered the campus, and called on all the freshmen to follow the "Minzhi" school motto in the next four years, and proved by action that excellence is the habit of civil workers.

Make an oath and a strong feeling. Finally, all 2019 freshmen solemnly swear: "We are civilists in the new era; we firmly believe that excellence is the habit of civil workers; we are convinced that the youth of struggle is the most beautiful; we must, unite and know, be down-to-earth, and create civil engineering. A brilliant tomorrow." I believe that in the future, they will be the most dazzling light. At this point, the civil engineering college welcome meeting was successfully concluded.